EXCELSE formulation technology

It’s a matter of concentration

Some proteins are effective only at high doses requiring larger volumes or concentrated delivery, which creates inconvenience for patients and higher costs for payers.

The groundbreaking EXCELSE™ high-concentration formulation technology uses customized blends of amino acids to highly stabilize and concentrate delicate biotechnology medicines. This is achieved by using a proprietary blend of amino acids that coats key regions of the molecule, allowing them to be concentrated together without clumping or becoming unstable.

For each target molecule, the blend is optimized for concentration, aggregation, syringeability, and stability. Upon injection, the amino acids disperse allowing the undamaged drug to quickly enter the blood stream.

  • Permits concentration of intravenous liquid and lyophilized biologics into liquid subcutaneous injections
  • Significant viscosity reduction
  • Concentrations of up to 250 mg/ml allowing 1 ml injections
  • No change to molecule is required
  • Proprietary optimized blends of amino acid stabilizers allow high protein concentration and protein stablization
  • Stabilizers are non-active and FDA approved

Easy flowing

One typical challenge of concentrated protein formulations is increased viscosity. Formulations can be so thick that they require special syringes or pumps to cope with the problem.

EXCELSE™ technology addresses this with blends of amino acids that block sites that cause viscosity. Medicines the consistency of paste or syrup, through viscocity reduction, can be changed into free-flowing liquids that can be used in standard syringes and small pumps.