Your medicine, transformed

EXCELSE™ formulation technology represents nothing short of a revolution in how new and existing biologic medicines will be self administered.

In today’s patient-centered care environment, manufacturers cannot afford to miss out on opportunities to improve quality of life for their customers. Imagine the advantage in brand loyalty and patient satisfaction to companies that utilize this breakthrough technology in the formulation of their therapies, versus their competitors who do not.


Quick to market, competitively positioned

Successful feasibility studies have been conducted for over ten leading therapies, and existing licensing deals with large biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies are validating the technology.

Because amino acids are naturally occurring, the regulatory path may be more straightforward than competitive technologies such as Halozyme’s Enhanze™, which utilizes an active additive to open space under the skin for large quantities of drug delivery.

Broad pending patents will provide a barrier to entry in the market by competition. And a simple development path means you can get your EXCELSE™-formulated therapies to market quickly.

Excelse Portfolio

— as of 5/20/2015 —

biologic A yes yes yes Partner A
biologic B yes yes   Partner B
rituximab yes      
trastuzumab yes      
infliximab yes      

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