Improving Lives

Advancing formulation to improve lives

From IV to a quick shot

Imagine the difference in quality of life for the patient whose previous 8-hour IV treatment in a hospital could now be administered via a single subcutaneous injection at home.


The EXCELSE™ formulation technology represents that breakthrough in lifecycle management, patient care and the delivery of biotechnology drugs.

25% of biologic drugs require a lengthy IV administration, while 50% require use of a lyophilized formulation to stabilize. Both these solutions are highly inconvenient to patients, and costly for payers. Now, these same therapies can be administered via a single, simple injection when formulated with EXCELSE™ technology.

Volume and times savings of 10X or more have been achieved in the delivery of biotechnology medicines formulated with EXCELSE™.

For patients managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, oncology, primary immune deficiency, hemophilia, the potential for improved patient experience is tremendous.

No more reconstitution

Lyophilized drugs have long been a source of inconvenience for patients — trying to strike the right balance between liquefying the lyophilized drug, and getting the reconstituted medicine into their system as quickly as possible.

In addition, lyophilized medicines tend to be expensive and delicate. Mistakes in reconstituting can be costly.

The EXCELSE™ formulation technology represents a solution to the challenges of lyophilized medicine by stabilizing molecules in a liquid form.

Delivering to the developing world

EXCELSE™ formulation technology has the potential to radically transform the storage, transport and delivery of biologic drugs in the developing world by formulating medicines previously requiring refrigeration to be stable at ambient temperatures.

This will potentially represent a new era dealing with the devastating illnesses that plague the developing world, where difficult climates and transportation conditions can make it a challenge to reach those in need with available therapies.